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Can a Virtual Event work for you?

#wemakeevents, virtually, that work. We have a 3000sqft treated live space that we can reformat for most applications. We can broadcast location or build a bespoke broadcast space to suit both branding and image. Your attendees are able to watch and interact on their computer, smart TV, phone or tablet and even call in by video on all of the main streaming video messaging services. Or even through our own platform where we can again place branding and graphics to bolster the entire experience. This means that people engaging in the broadcast or Web TV stream can network with each other and even share documents. The audience can download documents, ask questions, network and interact. We capture the essence and the feeling of being right there at your event. We provide a full production for your corporate event from technology, skilled technicians right through to the broadcast ​We mix cameras live including any content, logos graphics and videos that you need to convey your message. We can supply camera presenter to interview and create social content around your event. This live content can then be sent to screens in the venue and even live streamed as well as being recorded for future use. We can be as integral to your event as you need. From handling full delivery of the project to simple advice. Give our office a call and we will answer any questions you have to help you make the right choice for your event.

Don’t Cancel, Reformat your event

Keep your brand current and in-front of your customers and audience. Moving to a ‘hybrid’ version of your event will both minimise impact on your business and bridge the gap while we are unable to gather as we used to. We can help to use this period to give your company and brand the push it needs to generate an new audience online.

Financially Viable

Save on accommodation, travel expenses, Carbon emissions and improve productivity

For Keeps

Keep a copy of the event footage for future reference and promotional purposes

Stream It

Web streaming of events to global supply chains and clients is the new trendy!

On Demand

Delivering your content with an on-demand or Pay Per View streaming services using our dedicated platform.

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